In the difference to a surf set global options of the WebAssistant are set here.

Options / Domain Directory
Control keys of the dialog have the following functions
Displays the corresponding description at the browser.
Note: If the description isn't displayed, then you enter the browser in Options/General/Browser.
StoreAdjust options are taken permanently. At the next start, the adjust options are used again. The dialog is closed.
ApplyAdjust options are taken temporarily.
RejectChanges are not taken.
CancelChanges are not taken. The dialog is closed.


Comprehensive options are summarized in the category general.


WebAssistant Professional

The activities of the WebAssistant can be logged.

Create and display URL History

WebAssistant Professional

Not available resources can be collected in a list at first.

Proxy Server

The WebAssistant communicates with the browser via a port. The port 8080 is used on your local computer (IP address by default.


Setting is taken at the next start of the WebAssistant!

WebAssistant Professional

The address of the computer can be changed.

Rights of access

Only the computer has access on which the WebAssistant runs.

WebAssistant Professional

You can set further computers.


You can specify which browser shows additional information of WebAssistant (Homepage, Help, Update/News, Contact). Usually, this entry is not necessary because your standard browser is used.

Furthermore you can specify, whether the WebAssistant shall start the browser as well as used start page.


You can select between English and German. In the user interface both languages are available. Documentation is however available in the delivered ZIP-archive only in one language.

If you would like the documentation in German then download the ZIP archive from the website:

Taskbar / Dock

The main menu is on the desktop per default.
The main menu can alternatively be operated about the tray icon symbol in the notification area of the taskbar.


The changed settings are available at the next start of the WebAssistant.

You can operate the WebAssistant also about your browser.
See: Local Site Map


With this option you can actualize the WebAssistant. Version of the WebAssistant is viewed.

You can in addition import a new license here.

Manual Update

Following functionalities are available:
CheckChecks whether a new version of WebAssistant exists.
DownloadDownload the new version. At the next start of the WebAssistant the new version is used.

Auto Update

Checks, if there is a new version available monthly.

License Administration

You get information about

  • Edition and licensee
  • LicenseAgreement
  • Possibility of registration
  • Import of a license


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