To enable you to use the information overload of the internet more efficiently for activities in private life or business, the WebAssistant creates an image on your computer of that part of the internet which you use with preference. Adverts or other information you do not wish to use can be filtered. In countries with high costs for access, fees and response times can thus be reduced. The WebAssistant can be used on all platforms with the browser of your choice in connection with a Java Virtual Machine. In addition, you can get a view of the hypertext transfer protocol of the web sites retrieved and can thus, as a side effect, improve your internet expertise.

WebAssistant is inserted as an additional program (proxy) between browser and internet connection. The program can also be used in an intranet where a proxy has already been introduced. The program is available for the German and English languages. WebAssistant was developed with Java technology and the program consists of only 4 MByte. An actualisation by online updates can be executed easily at regular intervals. System installation has been kept very simple. A minimum of necessary settings and installation steps are reasonably transparent. The way the program is embedded into the locally available section of the internet can serve as an excellent example for net-based applications.

These are the most interesting points:

There is a variety of special uses for the Assistant in the business as well as the private sector, e.g. for entertainment, education and qualification.

Last but not least, the WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser - Private is available free of charge for private use as well as WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser - Professional in an extended Shareware Edition. Why hesitate? Use the WebAssistant when you wish to browse and archive next.

When using the WebAssistant please take notice of the existing copyright information from the providers.

You will find that you would not want to do without this Assistant anymore. We can also offer to assist you in future electronic commerce projects.

Your WebAssistant Team

More efficient use of the Internet

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