Besides the request of a URL with the browser you also can now display and navigate in the directory structure of the cache archive with the command ls.


The abbreviation ls was used used for list by analogy with the corresponding Unix command.

Domain Directory

All Domains which the active Surf Set contains are listed in the domain directory. You get this list if you enter the URL http://l.s into the address bar of the browser. Entering ls usually suffices. The visualization of the list is dependent on the number of the domains to be listed. The following visualizations are possible:

Full SpecifiedDisplay of the Full Specified domain with a link to this domain
and command ls list the directory of the domain.
CompactThe visualization is made out per domain in a line.
If only one entry exists for a domain, then the Full Specified Domain is displayed.
SimpleVisualization is made out per domain in a line.

The number of the domains up to which the Full Specified or compact visualization is made out can be set with Options/Navigation.


The term Domain is used as short name for Secondary-Level Domain. We otherwise describe this as a Full Specified Domain. At this, we assume per default, the protocol HTTP.


Navigation in the Domain Directory

  • 1 Address bar
    With input of command ls
  • The directory to be shown can be reduced with the filter.
    The filter affects the secondary-level and top-level domain.
    The following possibilities are available:
    • 2 Select of the first character
      According to the list of the available first characters.
    • (Secondary-Level) Domains delimit by input of character.
      InputDisplay limits on domains which … with the string.
      proxy*Star proxy
      *browserEnd: browser
      *offline*Contain: offline
    • If you like to include the top level-domain in the filter, you can indicate this as follows examples:
      InputDisplay limits on domains
      proxy*.comAt all com Domains
      witch domain name starts with: proxy
      *browser.infoAt all info Domains
      witch domain name ends with: browser
      *offline*.infoAt all info Domains
      witch domain name contains: offline
      *.comAt all com Domains
    The list of the Domains and the number which fulfills the choice criterion is displayed. The number of the available domains in the surf set is also displayed. The number of the domains as tool-tip is indicated in the list of the available first letters.
  • 3 ls
    Displays the sub directory. Please, notice the notation for the called URL.
  • Directory
    Display the homepage of the domain.
  • 4 Domain
    Displays the home page of the domain.
  • 5 Foot Note
    Displays date and time of generation as well as additional information.
WebAssistant Professional

Search functions in the cache archive are available. Indicator for an available HTML page in the domain.


With the command ls not only all domains can be shown but also all files in a directory. For this case the command /ls is added to directory name.

Navigation in the Directory

  • Parent Directory
    Changes into the upper directory.
  • Parent Directory
    Changes also into the upper directory
    It is displayed in addition that only this Full Specified domain exists.
  • Index
    Load the URL (without ls)
  • Index
    URL is local not available.
  • Sort Resources
    The resources can be sorted according to type, size, date and alphabetical.
  • 1 Name of domain
  • 2 Path of the directory
  • By the filter the directory to be displayed is limited.
    The filter only affects file names. At this we don't distinguish between upper and lower characters.
    • 3 Selection of the first character According to the list of the available first characters.
    • Resources delimit by input of characters.
      InputDisplay limits on resources which … with the string.
      download*Star download
      *surfEnd: surf
      *offline*Contain: offline
  • Directory
    Download the URL of the directory.
WebAssistant Professional

The HTML files are listed with their title and description as well as approx. 200 characters text. Indicator shows available HTML files in sub-directories.


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