Mac OS X location for the browsers Safari and Internet Explorer

You simply would like to switch between the direct connection and the connection with the WebAssistant, you set up two locations according to the following description.

For the configuration you open the dialog Network in the System Preferences.

Edit Locations

  • 1 Select at Location: Edit Locations...

    At first if the lock symbol is closed, you must open the lock. You need administrator rights for the configuration.

  • 2 Duplicate your previous location myDefault and 3 rename the duplicate MM3-WebAssistant.

    In the location MM3-WebAssistant for the configuration myLan and myDialUp (if available) enter the required proxy setting.
    See: Browser Proxy Configuration

    In the location myDefault for the configuration myLan and myDialUp you then don't need proxy entries for the WebAssistant.
  • 4 Click on: Done
  • 5 Click on: Apply Now and close the lock
Mac OS X: Network / Location

Use Locations

  • 6 You can select between the two configured locations in the Apple menu / Location now

    If you dial-up manually your internet connection will be closed when switching over the locations.

Apple Menu / Location

Mac OS X Location

MM3 WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser