You can control the WebAssistant interactively in the browser with the following URLs. If you use these URLs as bookmarks, you'll get a user interface which is adapted to your personal preferences.

Queries of settings

The query of values is carried out via the URL about the syntax:
You use for the query, whether the WebAssistant is in the surf mode "online" the key: isOnline
ResultWebAssistant is in surf mode …
isOnline: yesOnline
isOnline: no Offline

Control of settings

Values are set with the URL about the syntax:
Setting the surf mode: "Online" Setting the surf mode: "Offline"

You get a switchover at logical values (yes, no) by the value: "switch"

The WebAssistant changes the surf mode through:

You get a list of the possible keys and values with the URL:


Enter the required URLs as bookmarks on your browser.

Create for every surf set one bookmark, for the surf set "hobby" you enter the URL: With this bookmark you then simply can switch to the surf set "hobby".

It is practical to summarize basic functions often required in a booklet. A booklet is nothing else as a bookmark which URL is a Java Script.

You read a page in the offline mode and would like to update these. To this you must do:
  • switch to surf modus: online
  • and reload the page (new download)
Store these two functions as a bookmark to this: javascript:location.href=''+document.URL